Personality Traits of a Great Elementary School Teacher

In a child’s life, parents wield the largest influence. The next powerful force a child faces is their elementary school teacher. As the next adult to care for them outside the home, teachers have the ability to affect the direction a child will choose in life. Good or bad, how they are guided often determines how they will function in society.

With that, those who choose the role of teacher have an incredibly big responsibility. It is the responsibility of helping to shape a child’s life. The elementary school teacher has an incredibly difficult role, but it’s not impossible to be successful. It simple requires a personality and character beyond the ordinary.

More than just personality

Let it be known that being a good elementary school teacher isn’t just about personality. The elementary school teacher must have the right training – an elementary education bachelor degree. Studying in an elementary education program is part of obtaining certification and having the right knowledge for being an elementary school teacher. Beyond this, certain qualities are needed for a teacher to be successful.


Those who have a lot of patience are hard to come by. Patience with kids begins with the realization that they are still developing, learning, and growing. The path taken to maturity is full of twists, turns, growing, and learning. Being patient with kids is part of helping them grow and learn.


Stoic patience isn’t enough, important though it may be. Vibrant cheerfulness is another key quality. Cheerfulness is the ability to keep a smile on your face even when a student is sticking out his tongue at you, wrinkling up a math book, or getting sick at lunchtime. Cheerfulness is keeping your head up and spirits high, when everything around you says, “be angry, be frustrated, or be harsh.” Cheerfulness says no. Instead, cheerfulness laughs and proceeds to smile at the challenges.


After you work with kids for a while, optimism can tend to ebb low. Hours of teaching might cause you to think, “These kids will never learn!” An elementary school teacher needs to have an optimistic outlook that holds out hope for even the most challenged learner. Optimism is the difference between an elementary school teacher who quits and an elementary school teacher who sticks with it for the long haul. Optimism is infectious, too, meaning that your optimism as a teacher will inspire optimism and success in your students.


Patience will wane. Cheerfulness will be challenged. Optimism will hit low points. Determination will kick in when other resources start to run dry. While patience, cheerfulness, and optimism are rosy-colored attributes with flowery smells and harmonious sounds, “determination” has a steely edge to it. Determination is gritty, tough, rugged, and sometimes unpleasant, but it is necessary. Determination will help to get you through the tougher moments allowing patience and optimism to flourish once again.

Source by Johney Maron

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